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07-10-2011, 06:09 AM
Originally Posted by Falibri
Just hit VA a few days ago on my 1st character. While I was levelling I tried pretty much every ship class at some point. Visually nothing beats a Cruiser, however I find I do "better" in a Escort. Heres the problem tho, I dont much like the gameplay and the "feel" of cannons. So my question is this:

Can you run Beams on a Tac and not totally gimp yourself?

Example: Front 3x DBBs + Quant
Rear 2x BAs + Quant (torp or mines)

I would arrange BoFFs with powers to take advantage of beams of course: BO, FAW, and HYT for the Quants.

Is this even viable or would I be better of running a beam cruiser? Im flying a advanced escort atm.

There is a good guide to pvp escorts that bigred posted
however if your building for pve then you can use what ever you want as most any build will work. However most pvp builds can make pve content a pretty much cake walk.