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07-10-2011, 09:38 AM
Originally Posted by Jon_Gee
Why do we need auto teaming in PvP. It was fine before. Doesn’t PvP mean Player versus Player, and not Team versus Team?
It just suggests a game mode were players compete with each other and engage each other in combat. It can be team-based, it doesn't have to be.

In Startrek Online, it is not single player vs single player. You are always put into two opposing groups. Naturally, these groups should cooperate to win.

Auto-Teaming is required particularly badly in Arena matches. If you don't team up, you are a potential liability to your side, as you are not privy to information discussed in team chat, you don't know where the other group members are, the group members don't know where you are, and it's very difficult t figure out if you need healing. And without such knowledge, a teamed up enemy is advantage. If you don't want to help others, don't want to focus fire, don't want aid of others, you are probably costing your side the win, as you die early and often (no aid from others?), and can't help killing cooperating targets.

This game doesn't have Free For All modes. Maybe it should have one, but I am sure we'd soon have "cliques" of players in such free for alls, cooperating to beat others until it's time to go against each other.

For Capture & Hold - I don't really care. I got tired and bored of it. The critical component to win there- capping - is no fun at all. But even there, teams that actually work together would be nice, because then at least capping didn't take so long. But since no one is really following the map objectives anyway, it's just a mess.