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07-10-2011, 11:36 AM
Originally Posted by Metallurgist
Ok, so... I get this pop up saying "You can't enter the Sirius sector unless you're a Marauder. You can earn this ability by sending duty officers on assignments."

So I go looking for exactly how to go about doing that, right? And I find this thread, which is talking about content that isn't released yet... in the main discussion forum, not in Engineering Reports or on the Tribble forums or any place which would suggest it's a feature that's not implemented... I don't mean to sound preachy. I just find the whole placement of the thread confusing. Where it was posted lead me to believe it's about an active feature. The fact that it even has a "quickstart" section further lead to me coming to that conclusion.

And I was pretty freaking sure that I could get into Sirius Sector Block too because I saw fedrat players hanging out around the Qo'noS system on Holodeck.

So what gives? Can I or can't I earn the ability to enter Sirius Sector Block? If I can't, why were there Fedrats in sector space outside Qo'noS?
Okay, now I understand the confusion. What you are seeing is the result of an unfortunate side effect of content to systems dependencies between various of the sector requirements and the not-yet-live assignment system.

I will talk to Goatshark and look into seeing about modifying the notification when you try to enter Sirius to explain that the feature isn't live yet. I do apologize for the confusion.

Originally Posted by Salamandus View Post
Can you hint at any non-playable alien races that can be acquired via the duty system?

Anything crazy like Selay or antican or maybe even Sheliak?
There's a list waiting on mhighison's TBD list. We're going to see how far down he can make it.