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07-10-2011, 11:48 AM
Originally Posted by Tiberion1701
If you're going to make special Trainer Doffs, then you absolutely have an opportunity to solve another longstanding problem with the Boff system::

You can't have another captain train your Boff in SKILL X without risking them ripping you off, or more importantly, you can't have untrade-able BOs trained by them at all, making them inherently inferior.

Having an "immersive" way to actually solve this would be doubly awesome
Being able to reset your Boffs to the reserve roster is IMO a more reasonable way to do it than using special trainer Doffs. I train a common engineering Boff in Phaser Turret 3 and reset him so he is no longer on my active list, but on my reserve list. I give my Boff to a friend and he can use that Boff to train another Boff in Phaser Turret 3 that my friend doesn't want to lose. Also it has the added benefit of putting Boffs that are valuable, but you grow tired of onto the Exchange. There are easier ways to train Boffs in regular skills than use Duty Officers IMO.

Special Trainer Doffs seems to be more closely associated with the Department Head and First Officer system so it is more likely that these Special Trainer Doffs would have abilities that we use to train them in First Officer skills rather than regular Boff skills. For example one special trainer doff could teach a potential First Officer the Public Relations skill since the First Officer is usually the liaison between the Captain and Crew.