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07-10-2011, 04:49 PM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
The DOff system won't be live for at least two months. I'd venture that Featured Episode Series 4 will be about the same time given that Stahl is playtesting an unfinished first episode and the new goal is to complete a series before releasing the first part, to facilitate rapid back-to-back series. (So that by the time they're working on the next part, we see the first series.)

For 2-3 months, the only content I'm aware of are the Borg Invasion and STF revamps.

While new tutorials are stated as being lower priority than the Featured Episodes... I think there will be a strong temptation to release Starfleet Academy and Klingon Academy as social maps well before FE Series 4 or the DOff system. In fact, with cadet uniforms hitting the C-Store in less than two weeks, I strongly suspect there will be a push to release Academies as social maps and Foundry hookups on the day the uniforms hit the C-Store because, from a marketing PoV, people exploring a new social map are more likely to take the plunge and buy the uniforms.
While I do agree with much that your 2 or 3 months Season 5 will also be released...I do recall them saying around October. The level cap too is supposed to get increased during that time. If what you are suggesting is true then Season 5 will have Level Cap increase, STF The Hive, More End Game Content, Enterprise-F, and both Starfleet Academys. Season 5 will be the largest content released we've ever seen. I think more than half of that will happen before S5.