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07-10-2011, 08:31 PM
Originally Posted by zordar View Post

Yeah, we get you don't like the idea. You can stop doing this. Or better yet, start a thread of your own in the Bridge Officer section detailing your BOff training ideas.

No need to post it in the Boff thread since it has been one of those ideas that have been around since the beginning. I provided constructive criticism and concerns about your problem with not trusting people with training Boffs. If you don't want to treat it as constructive criticism, then fine.

Star Trek fans are rather critical about things making sense in the game. Sure there are certain things where fun must take priority over making sense, but as a whole STO makes sense as far as being in a Star Trek universe. So the question is does your idea make sense or does it keep the game fun. If the devs said that there is no way to transfer current Boffs to the reserve roster and special Doff trainers are the only way, then it will be keeping the game fun and I would accept it as everything else that doesn't make sense, but keeps the game fun.

I am done providing constructive criticism on this issue.