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Originally Posted by Metallurgist
Well that stinks... spoilers in black text:

Both sides are already aware that the Undine are responsible for the war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. What's more, both sides are also aware that the Iconians are responsible for misleading the Undine into thinking that the Alpha Quadrant species are a threat and should be infiltrated to be turned against eachother. Both sides know the war is a farce. I don't know about the Undine but who cares, they aren't playable

The logical thing in terms of story progression is that they have to continue the war, if only as a farce. The Undine are using their cloak and dagger tactics because they believe that this dimension's lifeforms are weak. If the Federation and Klingon war were to cease and peace reestablished, it's more likely that the Undine would begin a more concentrated effort on our region.

This would (fictionally) mean that the Undine would dedicate their entire force, not this paltry showing that they have in the Pelia sector. They would send fleets of their ships en masse to wipe out all of the Alpha Quadrant, the kind that wiped out entire Borg Fleets and even planets.

We've seen how they behave in their own space, and we know what they're capable of. It's probable that Section 31 and Klingon Intelligence both know this, and are keeping up the "war" in order to develop a strategy to combat the Undine. Until then, the war continues.

Of course in reality, as Darren_Kitlor mentioned, war is good for business.