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07-10-2011, 10:46 PM
Originally Posted by starkaos View Post
The information about the Undine and Iconians are a closely guarded secret. Release that information to all of Starfleet and there would be utter chaos. If Starfleet releases that information, they would have to remove all Undine first. This Federation-Klingon war seems more like a cold war than an actual war. Get to LC 8 and Klingons are no longer an issue for Feds.
If the Undine also knew that they were tricked... Seriously, honesty is the best policy...

As welcome as this DOFF stuff is, I'm just kind of disappointed at the idea that Klingons will be able to enter Sirius Sector Block but won't be able to do anything tangible while there. It would be awesome to be able to form group between the factions.

Some form of betrayal system might even work... Closely guarded secret my butt... half the fleet's captains know just from field experience.