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07-11-2011, 01:23 AM
Sorry if some of my questions have already be answered, but 53 Pages are a bit to much to read right now.
Originally Posted by Heretic
Duty OfficersWe are also planning on making sure they are available directly or indirectly through PvP.
Why only PvP?
Would it be possible to make DOFFs availlable through doing Foundry or exploration misions (like doing 2 or 3 missions to get a random DOFF), not everybody likes PvP.

Originally Posted by Heretic
OMG this sounds complicated...
No, it sounds like fun !!!

Originally Posted by Heretic
Bridge officers will be able to "eat" duty officers of their own branch to learn those duty officer's passive abilities. (Fictionally, think of it as the duty officers are joining that bridge officer's staff.)
Wow, how cool is that !!

Again as i said, i can't wait until it arrives Holodeck!

Btw. When is it going to hit holodeck?

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