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07-11-2011, 02:47 AM
Short-term requests

• More accurate/useful ship interiors—why is the Defiant engineering deck so wrong and full of fail? Why can't I craft stuff in my engineering lab? Why are replicators for decoration only? Where is the Galaxy-class conference room?
• Eyewear and headgear costume accessories—canonical sunglasses, hats, etc. And eye patches for federation players, Arrr.
• Shorts. I can go to Risa, but no shorts? What is my toon to wear on no pants day?

Mid-term requests

• More missions. Seriously. Getting bored here.
° Why isn't "Head Attach Tech" available on male characters? Make it so.
• An in game equip-able Horga'hn item. My character is seeking jamaharon.

Long-term requests

° More voice over work. Are you bound to SAG for this or something? For gawd sake, go down to the local homeless shelter or VA hospital. You'll find men and women able to speak with military bearing who'll be happy for the work.
• Fleet bases—with tailors, shipyards, banks, mail, R&D, etc.
° I want to be able to upgrade my ship with more weapon slots.