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07-11-2011, 03:58 AM
I like the idea of a quick fix (if we consider over a year to be quick, lol) but as for a more long term solution I prefer multiple spawn points with the player choosing where to respawn. Maybe we should respawn on our ship and have to run to the transporter room lol. Seriously though, I don't care for a single heavily reinforced base because someone will exploit that even (refuse to leave altogether for example).

There are a number of basic features that should help everyone, even the unorganized or hopeless (hai...), in ground and space PvP alike: There should be multiple spawn points. They should be unmarked. They should be player selectable. They should force a respawn after a short amount of time (to keep things moving).

Beyond that, this is Star Trek. There are any number of creative or trekkie ways to make respawning more fun for those of us who do it so much.