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07-11-2011, 04:48 AM
What I could see being done in the future: Give every ship - for every faction - one single Universal BO slot. Probably. the Lt.Cmdr slot. Then we would have fixed the balance issues that exist with the MVAM AE, Excelsior and Raptorr. We might get a few new ones, of course (for example, is the BoP still worth it? And what will be the "default" uber-BO combos?).

But all Universal slots. I think they are wrong. Including for the Bird of Prey actually.

2 Aspects majorly define a ships combat role in this game:
  • Bridge Officers
  • Turn Rate

A Cruiser without a Cmdr Engineer slot will not feel like a Cruiser at all. He won't be tough and resistant.
An Escort without an Escort turn rate cannot fulfill its role either.

The sad fact is that hit points and shields tend to be one of the weaker factors. They are not irrelevant (A BoP with a Cruiser BO layout will not work as well as a Cruiser, especially not be as tough. This weaknes is the reason why we won't usually find "healer" or "tank" BoPs - it's just more effective to take something else for that, and the BoP really shines as an Escort/Science hybrid build for spike damage), but the BO seatings make out far more, and from the numerical stats, the turn rate is probably the most important differentiation point in ships now.

A Sovereign without a suite of Engineering BO powers will not feel like a Sovereign. It would basically be a glass cannon. That doesn't fit what we expect from a class that also contains an Enterprise among its members.

So, definitely no to All Universal Slots for any more ships.
A possible yes to a single universal slot replacing an existing fixed one across all ships (and possibly all tiers as well.)