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07-11-2011, 07:05 AM
The shotgun is actually fine. As someone else already pointed out, range affects its damage to a great degree... it's all but useless unless you're up in their grill. Plus, it also has that mini-pushback/speed debuff applied to the shooter.

The problem is stealthed ambush one shots. I haven't really thought much about it yet on how to balance it. You don't just want to nerf tac buffs across the board or else tacs will become useless since the other two classes are already capable to delivering serious burst damage. Tacs are also quite squishy... in a real match between skilled teams, the ambush tactic is a fail overall. Generally speaking, yes, he will get his one shot kill but then will die quickly afterwards... so all he really did was trade kills one for one. And it took him a long time to set up that kill with a fairly high chance of being discovered before executing the ambush. In the meantime, his team was fighting short one man.

Perhaps ambush should revert back to a fragile buff as it was pre-S4. At least then you would have a chance to hit the tac as he comes out of stealth and remove his most powerful buff before he gets the shot off.