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07-11-2011, 07:09 AM
It's pretty sad that this thread is mainly complaints rather than asking the community about defensive strategies. For example (in no order, just off the top of my head)... Engineers can set a trap of mines to punish stealthers, and other teammates can sit in the mine barrier. Two engineers could make a forcefield dome and chain them after each thirty second cooldown. Science can make a dampening field which will debuff damage of anyone who enters your bubble. (I think this is the best strategy...) Science can use tricorder scan to detect stealthers. Or they can use tricorder scan against other teammates to help them detect stealthers. Tacticals can use target optics to detect stealth, or they can stealth themselves and then kill whoever destealths. (Why do you say that the stealther will run away unharmed? Shouldn't you have someone on your team ready to pick them off?) Tacticals can also sit in the forcefield dome or dampening field, or chroniton mine barrier.

Or better yet, why don't you spread out more so you aren't killed in a stupid way. It's your own fault if you bunch up together without any defenses or crowd control. If you don't like lunge then pick up an armor that gives you physical resists. Or why don't you just crouch so you get a dodge bonus.

Not to mention the fact that tacticals are a one trick pony and should be able to pull of a DPS trick like that. As science, I have one trick of super healing myself and tanking against the DPS pulsewave trick. You wanna nerf that too?

I am so sick of people crying nerf when there are tons of defensive strategies already in the game but it is easier for everyone to complain rather than learn a defensive strategy and practice with a team of friends. I didn't even mention all of the other ways you can defend yourself (you could even use sonic pulse, weapons malfunction, sprint running for dodge bonus, turrets that you put in a border by a corner so the turrets go off, nanite health monitor, many more skills... it's so silly that this is even an issue for someone). Also it seems that the original poster is contradicting himself... why don't you stun the tact that de-stealths?