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07-11-2011, 09:14 AM
Originally Posted by Sambril
Though I think I remember reading that it will be affected by rank, though it does mean a 50 crew Defiant will have the same DOFF capacity as a 1000 crew Galaxy (or even a 5 crew Danube?) when commanded by the same rank officer.
That's what I get out of it too.

However, this could still work out mathmatically (sort of), for a couple of reasons;

- The active roster for a VA has been suggested to be as low as 20 DOffs. Since DOffs are representative of "Key" personnel that a Captain "Takes with them even when changing vessels," then a ship crew of 50 could be made up of a large proportion of officers specifically staffed by a given Captain. In other words, a small vessel would likely have a higher number of specialized well trained crew than would a larger vessel as each position becomes more critical.

Thus a high ranking Captain (with the political clout to request particular personnel) would have the same list of names available to them regardless of the size of their vessel. Or that's how I would rationalize it anyway.

- In the case of a Runabout, we are essentially talking about an auxillary craft, not a Starship, so it is reasonable to assume that the Captain in question still has the authority to order their crew to perform certain actions even if not on the bridge of their primary Starship--Role-player's who assign themselves to a Runabout permanently, not withstanding of course.

- Add to this, the fact that within game, as a player's toon ranks up, they theorhetically have access to more than one ship. For example, a Lieutenant who ranks up to Lieutenant Commander may have (at least) two ships in their "Stable" so-to-speak. Said Captain can switch between these ships at will, so technically if the Player has more than one vessel in their list (as represented by active ship-slots) that extra crew must exist "Somewhere" and could still recieve orders to perform various duties as needed.

This "Could" explain the potentially larger number of DOffs a Captain has access to for sending on DOff missions, when compared to the maximum number of crew a given Starship can have available. In other words, if I have both a 50-crew escort AND a 1000-crew Cruiser, when flying the escort, there are still technically at least 950 additional personnel assigned to me.


I know that the above is a massive rationalization of the system, however, we are already making some serious leaps in suspending our disbelief by haviing Lieutenants in command of Starships, not to mention Admirals... Both of which may have access to multiple vessels (if not all at once).

In this way, we might--if creatively--explain away the disparity in number of available crew between ships, and in so doing, argue in favor of the same list of "Key" personnel regardless of the crew compliment of a particular active vessel. Or, and again, that is my take on it anyway...*Chuckle*...

From a strictly practical perspective, I am glad my number of DOffs (both active roster and those available for sending on missions) will not be scaling to my ship size. It's bad enough that I cannot assign my seasoned BOffs to perform duties they are clearly qualified for, because the ship is too small. Imagine how bad it would have been for Kirk, had his captured BoP only had two Ensign and one Lieutenant "Abilities" in ST: IV...Doh!