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Originally Posted by bloodsyn View Post
Been a while since i've had a VA and was hoping for some guidance on a Tac PvP build for a Galaxy retrofit. as far as suggestions for Boff abilities. that's where i seem to be having an issue. Thanks in advance.
This is a journey many have taken but few find manageable and rewarding. You can either be:

1. The squishyest cruiser out there or
2. The squishyest cruiser out there.

Good news is besides the excelsior the gal refit when in split mode is possibly the most dangerous cruiser out there. I love my assault cruiser but the excelsior hits harder and the gal refit tanks better IMO

So, you can go all out offense with 2 copies of directed energy modulation, and eject warp plasma, 2 copies of eptw too keep weapons power maxd. After that you will need to slot your 2 sci abilities gor healing, because if you don't you'll go down unbelievably fast.

Or a more subtle aproach and go engineering team twice, epts twice, aux2struct and rsp. Putting all your defensive and survivability powers in the engie slots so you can free up a sci power slot for a "snare" tractor beam. Target engines also works well, but nothing works better for a disabling move in a cruiser like eject warp plasma.

A note on piloting and timing- fly defnsive! Look for the opportunity to stack attack pattern alpha, go down fighting and tactical fleet and tac initiative. Get close, and unleash a broadside. Snare and kinetic damage when you see a shield facing. Kills as a tac in cruiser can be hard to come by. And you will have only 2 tac abilities. BO2 will give you your best spike, but kills our power levels.

Also tactical team is IMO almost a must for slow turning cosmic bovine, as it will will turn 1 shield facing into 4 when an escort finds out your the tac in the cruiser. They will find you. I will find you. And you are squishy.

See you on the battlefield.