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07-11-2011, 09:29 AM
Lazy Sunday, woke up in the late morning and logged on to STO with my Gorn Tactical Lt. Commander... and saw Federation ships poking around in the Qonos Sector to my surprise.

After telling one of them to "Go home, Starfleet!" in a PM and then refusing their polite offer of a personal challenge (Admirals picking on Lt. Commanders? You, Sir, are the one without honor!) I decided to take a tour of the galaxy in my Somraw.

So, I poked around and did fly-bys of many a place ("Hello, Memory Alpha!") I aimed toward the Sirius Sector Block... and was stopped at the border.

The window that came up told me how I could not enter because I was not a Marauder, which would be something I could do with the Duty Officer System.

Once what I read set in... I now admit I know EXACTLY what I will be doing with my DOffs.

I can NOT wait for this new thing to happen!

Count me as one of the hopeful.