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07-11-2011, 10:00 AM
Originally Posted by Zeuxidemus
I got an issue that is an old issue, that is an issue that is about 2/3 resolved. The thanks on the issues of every npc in npcville being able to see thru the b'rel cloak is fixed, the jam communications, and dialogue issue is fixed... big thanks on getting that done. Third thing the final issue before I'm happy with the ship is that its suppossed to in theory have an advantage by being able to fire projectiles while cloaked and the 3 second thing. I'm not against how it works vs heals, or not having shields but the damage output we have because boffs do not do anything for it (Believe me I've spent many hours trying just about every combination of projectiles vs boff skills to pull this off). I am hoping with all these counter skills to cloak that someone will give the go ahead to make this ships projectile function worth it to play this ship. Also to be honest what would make this ship work very well is an almost complete shield penetration for damage to hull and with the torpedo cool downs it really only needs 1 weapon slot forward, and 2 rear for mines or mine and torpedo. To all the nay sayers of my idea it would not be unfair or unbalanced because of the fact of I could count on 2 thumbs and 8 fingers ways to decloak a player, it decloaks a player for 3 seconds on top of that, and when someone uses the ship like that they have no shields. All in all I hope Its already been fixed/dealt with and that I'm just wasting time LOL.

Thats my 2 cents I just hope the ship gets to where it needs to be so it can be fun to use.
The last things hide n' seek bops need is additional penetration. A skilled pilot can already "science up" somebody's shields, and keep plugging away with normal odinance. The idea of a B'rel loading 'pengs is worrying enough, let alone your "almost complete shield penetration". Furthermore, many players aren't specced into anti cloaking tactics, that's a science captain's game. My Engineer has to rely on HYTIII and an itchy trigger finger, and on looking in the right place at the right time.

I think there's also a general attitude towards the B'rel that "it can attack cloaked, therefore it shouldn't have to decloak to finish the job".