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07-11-2011, 10:13 AM
While skins are being addressed, would it be possible to give the K'tinga/D7 skins another pass? As they are now, at least as far as I can see on NPC ships, at long range there's no illumination, at medium range you can see the red grille on top of the engineering hull and the cyan glow from the nacelles, and at close range these details dissapear again. It'd be nice to have the mas options, much like the illuminated/not illuminated nacelle choices for the Excelsior.

Another battlecruiser skin for the Vor'cha would be good too, I think something similar in layout to the K'tnco, rather than other KDF cruisers, for extra variety. Many KDF players use DHCs, and it'd be cool to have a cruiser clearly "sporting" them so to speak. I also think inboard nacelles are kind of a cool touch in some cases. Also, as the Vor'cha has a skin you have to pay for, it'd make sense for it to have more free variety, much like the Comet/Maelstrom/Phoenix etc are complimenting an already full garage of ship skins.

Also, some new skins for the Kar'fi, Marauder and Garumba would be cool, just like changing the hull colour rather than new models. It'd give them more variety and personalisation options without having to compromise the unique design of these ships, which I thin is a strong point for them in each case.