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07-11-2011, 11:46 AM
Folks, I will need to close this thread. A number of reasons are coming together and I'd love for you to understand them:
  • Thread title
  • General flaming
  • Unhelpful comments

If the thread title already is flaming or trolling, the thread that follows cannot outgrow this. If you have feedback, start the process of giving it in the thread title already.

If a thread morphs into nothing but flames and trolling, we do not get content. We get spam and infractions or warnings. That's not useful for the Devs who try to find out what your actual concern is and not useful for the forum users for obvious reasons.

You have a bug. Great! ... well, not great, but it gives us a starting point. But, just think about it, what would be more helpful to you guys if someone tells you about a problem. A string of cussing folded into Lol, Sux and Fail... or an actual description of what changed, why the change is bad and what was expected to happen before the changes?

We'll do our best to understand you and help sort out the problems with you. But we cannot if we do not speak the same language.