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07-11-2011, 03:47 PM
depends on your weapon power.

at 25 weapon power, the beams will do 60% (roughly) the damage of a torpedo in the same amount of time (dps)

however, at about 50 weapon power the dps is about equal.
at 50+ weapon power, beams win out for dps.

the things you have to remember are: as you get more beams / cannons firing at the same time, you lose weapon power.
also, the torpedo only does decent damage against the hull. if you can't burn through their shields, the torpedo is useless.

I reccomend using two beam banks in front, and a beam array in the rear.
-----you might also want to keep a torpedo launcher in your inventory to deal with "destroy the asteroids/turrets/other unshielded items"

if you have high weapon power, more beam arrays are better. if you run below 50 weapon power.... well you shouldn't.