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07-11-2011, 03:30 PM
When I went through my own Nova class, I went with a Beam Array and DBB front, and then put the torp launcher in the back. Then when the shields went down, I hit Evasive Action to wheel around and fire the torp out of the aft. It actually worked pretty well, since the Nova is so small and fast.

YMMV, however. I think people who tell you that you should never use torps, and you should go all beam boat, you shouldn't listen to that. Likewise, the people who say you should always have a torp launcher, and never even consider all beam builds, don't listen to them either. What works is what works for YOU, and what fits with your style. In later levels I have dropped the "wheel around" strategy and put the torps up front simply because I've grown tired of it.

I will say that IMHO, the Science class's strength is not in doing DPS, but in using its abilities to knock down shields. You have Tachyon Beam, and Target Subsytem: Shields, both of which are quite useful at knocking down a shield really fast. If you are ready, you can throw a torp through the "hole". Obviously, if you have no torps, then you have nothing to fire through the hole. So what's the point of using abilities on the foes' shields if you're just going to use beams against the hull anyway.

I will say that a good compromise is to go with a Dual Beam Bank. As with my set-up, you get a bit more damage that way, up front, at the cost of your broadsides. But as a Science ship that should be less useful to you anyway. And unilike single Cannons or a Turret, the Dual Beam Bank can be used to Target Subsystems.