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# 140 Bob the Vengeful
07-11-2011, 07:52 PM
(DS9 Mirror)

"Report!" Bob yelled to his wife Angela of Borg.

"Shields are offline. Weapons are gone. We have minimal power to engines" she replied. Her captivity with the Borg was a short one. Bob rescued his wife from the Borg with the help of other Terrain rebels. The Borg, a more passive-aggressive group in the Mirror universe, barely put up a fight.

"Set a course for the Mutara Nebula. The Cardassians won't follow us in there," Bob ordered. He was right. As soon as the Terrain cruiser ISS Gurley made it into the nebula, the Cardassians broke off their pursuit.

As Bob looked over the damage reports coming in from all over the ship, he ordered, "Begin repairs. The Cardassian ship will go any moment so we won't have to hide here for long."

Their mission was success. Bob was able to plant a bomb on the main reactor of the Cardassian ship. But instead of destroying the ship, it would just shut down the reactor and blow a hole in the side. Without power, the ship would be unable to put up emergency forcefields. The crew will be sucked out into space.

They deserved it. After all that time fighting for independence, the Cardassians dealt a severe blow to the Terrain Empire. They attacked the Mars colony, killing Bob's family. Only his wife escaped the destruction. The only thing in Bob's heart now is revenge. Revenge for the killing of his family.

It took a while, but Bob finally found the Cardassian ship that destroyed the Martian Colony. And with one action, he would have his revenge. Revenge for those killed. Revenge for those maimed.

"Captain, sensors are back online. I'm detecting a large amounts of debris near the Cardassian ship as well as several bodies," reported the young Ensign.

"Thank you. That's what I wanted to hear." Bob sat back in his chair. A grin slowly came across his face as he thought about those Cardassians gasping for a breath that will never come. Hoping for a rescue that will never happen.

"Captain. Weapons are back online. But I'll need to engage in some target practice to get the targeting systems back online."

Bob's grin grew even bigger.