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I have submitted ticket 1,152,809, as I am unable to assign bridge officers into some of my bridge stations.
I just made it to Brigadier General 1, and got myself a Qin Heavy Raptor, all nice and shiny out of the box.

I went ahead and configured my weapon loadout, and tried to set my boffs into their roles.
I have 5 stations on this ship.... 3 for tactical, 1 for engineering and 1 for science.
I am unable to load the ensign tactical, and the lieutenant science stations.

When I click on the drop down for the station, the tactical one does not show me any tac officer names, and the science one does not show me any powers, even though I can place 1 of my sci officers there.

Has anyone else had this issue?
I can't play with my new toy because of this....