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07-11-2011, 11:51 PM
Originally Posted by Lord_Regulus View Post
I've found Siphon to be quite effective in the past. I use Tykens/Siphon along with Target Subsystem Shields on my Federation science officer and that usually brings down the shields of anything for a good while. I was thinking of Tykens but the problem is the fact it needs to be in front of me for it to be of any use.
Yeah... I dropped my Sci Captains Vo'Quv for that very reason, SNB, the best Sci Captain power was next to useless, since I could hardly ever hit the target I need to SNB.

She now flies a Kar'fi, and is much better off for it.

While you certainly *can* use a arclimited power, I find it too great a hassle to bother with it.

Consequently, my Vo'Quv is now a healer