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07-12-2011, 05:00 AM
Originally Posted by mancom
Removing something that is "in testing/development" without ever mentioning it again or explaining why it did not make it to release? That's fairly close to a broken promise.
Well, testing is not some meaningless process step, and neither it is the magical step of "after testing, everything works." It is the process that decides if something works. So somethnig being in testing can very well mean something that never sees the light of day because it just plain didn't work.

It's easy for us players to construct this as "promise", but it just isn't. it's just that they like to tell us what they are working on, and what they would like to do. It's not a promise that they can make it work. It's not a contract.

Nevertheless, the fact that it never came (now almost for a year) is disheartening anyway. Because whether they don't care, don't have the time, or it plain is impossible to make work, it means we didn't get it and we might never get it either. So I think we have every right to be disappointed about it. And I also think we could deserve an update, some official statement on it - is it put entirely on hold?

I could see for exampe that if they want to move in Open PvP / Territory Control, that stuff like tournaments or player rankings become irrelevant. Outside of "canned" PvP matches, all these stats would be pretty meaningless.