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# 1 GPVP reconstruction thread
07-12-2011, 07:55 AM
So, like many of us, I was REALLY looking forward to playing GPVP with the new system, but am sadly thinking of not bothering with it anymore because of its current state. So, as a response I thought it might be a good idea to start up a thread where we can help the devs get an idea of what we want out of a GPVP experience, and how we want the maps to work. I'm going to be drawing on other games and using them as examples here. Not because I would like to turn STO into them, but because they are successful, and we could learn from them. AND, one more thing before we get going... please no being rude and no "this game sucks!" posts. This thread is about constructive feedback!!

So, with that being said, lets start!
The maps. One game I think we can safely look at for inspiration and guidance here is team fortress. Arguably one of the most successful class based fps games out there. One of the things that makes it a success is the awesomeness of the provided maps. So, what do they have that we can learn from? Two big things stand out for me. First is safe spawn points. TFC and TF2 both had spawn rooms for each team that were defended against the other team by auto turrets. The auto turrets ensure that the spawn room is safe so that anyone experiencing a bit of lag when re spawning is safe until they step outside. The spawn rooms also ensure that the team has a safe gathering place, so that they are able to buff up and move out in force. Right now, we do not have this. Most times, as soon as one player dies in Arena, that team is screwed for the rest of the match. The dead player will re spawn either somewhere else on the map, or right back into the fight with spawning sickness. In either case, they are easy pickings for the other team. And once that player dies, the other team has the advantage, and is able to overpower and separate the entire first team. So, I propose that the maps be augmented to include these rooms so that spawn camping, team splitting, and early advantage can be limited or removed. This way even newer players will stand a chance, because right now, they don't!!

Second thing I feel would be an asset to the maps are small shield and health pickups. Right now, we rely on powers with timers and sci officers, who for the most part, will heal only themselves (more on that later) . So, what I suggest is that small health and shield charges that are activated by running over them are added to the maps. Not all over the place, and not in random spots. These will be items to fight for, and to protect if your team has control of the area, so they should be placed in the main combat spots around the maps.

Next, the previously mentioned medic sci powers. I propose that these be changed to cast on others only. I also propose the same change be made to the engineers shield heal. Right now I do see a bit of an every man for himself mentality during PVP matches, which drives me bonkers, so this change would force people to work more as a team.

So, that's it for now. Comment and expand please!! Lets help fix GPVP!!!!