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07-12-2011, 08:12 AM
Originally Posted by cavilier210 View Post

Seriously, of all things in the game, why must people beg and plead for something so silly?
LoL, i was thinking exactly the same thing.

I think the majority of Star Trek fans is clear about that.

THIS IS STAR TREK there is no need to get a carrier ship type in Starfleet, KDF maybe because they seek death (AND NOT RUN AWAY BTW.) in battle but not starfleet.
If you want to fly a carrier then defect to KDF.
Let the Klingons a bit of distinction by having Battle Cloak (which would fit more to romulans IMO.) and Carrier ships.

I my opinion there should be much MORE different ship classes on each faction.
Klingons should have the majority of escort classes in the game, just like the FED has sci ships.

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