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07-12-2011, 09:46 AM
This one is meant to be very casual and give people less incentive to cheat (despite most not doing so, when theres 100 people involved, theres a good chance someone might try to get away with something), and overall be of a lighter atmosphere so when powers dont work or you dont have the right gear, it's not that big of a deal.

There is no confirmation that it will be fixed by the 6th. However, at least it gives them time to do something about it. If its still not fixed by then, it may be a "deal with it" type of situation.

As for rolling in my presence, that might work but I would have to do it very early. My plan was to basically write in fleet chat:

Kharn: matteo
Kharn: *rolls #*
Kharn: Thamupp
Kharn: *rolls #*

Then screenshot it all. However, if you really want to roll for yourself, that is cool as well. Just let me know.

Also, I did not know you had a player pool event (if it's even the same thing). If you have something you want to run, you can do it in the two weeks in between if you like.