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07-12-2011, 10:58 AM
Why should fed's not have a carrier:

Considering the amount of complaining Feds have about KDF carriers in PvP there should be absolutely no reason for them to want to have one. I mean why double the population of something you seam to hate? Or could it be that once you get the ability to do something you see as unfair you'll think its fair then? Or will it be fair for you to do it but not fair for us? Hmmm, one must ponder these things.

On a more serious note the Feds shouldn't have a carrier because it doesn't fit with their Modus Operandi. See the KDF have two particular types of ships. Big, heavy battlecruisers who slug it out in combat with the enemy, and light fast attack ships like the Raptor and the BoP. The Carrier supports those last two, even houses facilities to repair, refuel, and launch one of them.

Starfleet however relies heavily on cruisers and science vessels. This is because Starfleet is a scientific and exploratory organization. It is not an offensive organization like the Klingon Empire. Carriers do not fit in with this style of operation. Even their smaller ships, the Escorts, can support themselves for periods of operation without aid. A carrier is fluff, an unnecessary expenditure in an organization not designed to operate with them. Even the Peregrine Attack Fighter is sufficiently sized to operate from cruisers.

Now! This topic has been beat to death, dozens of times and then some. It's not going to happen anytime soon and likely not at all.