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# 1 Orion Harness on Male Orions
07-12-2011, 11:21 AM
For a while now (ever since the Armor selection was added for Klingon uniforms) Orion Males have not been able to use their Harnesses on their Bare Chest as would be canon (Orion Harnesses appeared this way in the Enterprise series as well as in-game on NPCs: See Stranded in Space and other Orion ground missions).

Orion Harnesses were available before as a Chest option for Orion Males only (see this guide) under the Bare Chest selection. However they have been moved to the Armor selection which makes no sense at all. With Armor these costume pieces clip badly and in one case in particular (the shot I posted above) parts of the Harness cannot even be seen.

I have reported this as a bug several times and there has been two seasons since my first report. Yet, still this remains broken. Are my reports falling on deaf ears? Please please fix this ASAP. I am starting to get tired of waiting.