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Originally Posted by TFO-OptimusPrime View Post
There have been several other posts just like this and the answer has been no everytime.
Originally Posted by TFO-OptimusPrime View Post
See thats where your incorrect, that question had been asked in a previous months Ask Cryptic entries and Dstahl said that Feds would NOT be recieving carriers.
Now some would see this as a blatant attempt to forget what you had actually said in order to argue a logically sound position. I prefer to think of it as you retreating into the realms of reality and applaud it as progress.

Plus there are already threads pretaining to this exact topic, this one for example going 19pages and on the first pace there is a post by Mister_Dee with more links to the topic of Fed Carriers. So as I stated, this is a zombie post and should be closed off, the OP should have atleast search the forums to see if their topic already had a thread going.
Except as I already explained to Nemessis on this same thread, this is a feedback forum, this is not a discussion forum. As such, if a different person wishes to provide their own personal feedback and a thread regarding the topic is not readily apparent, he is free to either create a new thread or 'necro-raise' a thread that already exists. Because these forums are here for every player to provide their feedback, there's not really any requirement that the feedback be unique. That is why this thread has not been closed off and why your feigned frustration at more and more people asking for Federation carriers is not just childish, but out of line.

Originally Posted by Alastor_Forthright View Post
Why should fed's not have a carrier:

Considering the amount of complaining Feds have about KDF carriers in PvP there should be absolutely no reason for them to want to have one. I mean why double the population of something you seam to hate? Or could it be that once you get the ability to do something you see as unfair you'll think its fair then? Or will it be fair for you to do it but not fair for us? Hmmm, one must ponder these things.
Okay, so because "Feds" complain about KDF carriers being an unfair in PVP they should not have them? That seems kind of like backwards logic, hmmm, I must ponder if you really gave this line of reasoning any real thought.

On a more serious note the Feds shouldn't have a carrier because it doesn't fit with their Modus Operandi. See the KDF have two particular types of ships. Big, heavy battlecruisers who slug it out in combat with the enemy, and light fast attack ships like the Raptor and the BoP. The Carrier supports those last two, even houses facilities to repair, refuel, and launch one of them.
Oh, you were joking. Sorry, your throwaway joke argument sounded so much like every other bad argument made against the idea I had no idea. I would start explaining that the Federation also has "big heavy cruisers who slug it out in combat with the enemy" but I get the feeling I'm going to find out in your next paragraph that you were joking.

Starfleet however relies heavily on cruisers and science vessels. This is because Starfleet is a scientific and exploratory organization. It is not an offensive organization like the Klingon Empire. Carriers do not fit in with this style of operation. Even their smaller ships, the Escorts, can support themselves for periods of operation without aid. A carrier is fluff, an unnecessary expenditure in an organization not designed to operate with them. Even the Peregrine Attack Fighter is sufficiently sized to operate from cruisers.
Oh, you weren't joking... Starfleet is a military organization in the middle of a war who historically have always made ships LARGER than the KDF, look at a size comparison between a Constitution and it's Klingon Contemporary, the K'Tinga just as an example. Between the Borg, the Undine, the Iconians and, yes, newly fired hostilities with the Klingon Empire, Starfleet has never faced such a dire military situation before. So, if there is a sound tactical reason to have carriers, starfleet will make carriers. Maybe they'll be decommissioned later when Starfleet is able to refocus their effort on science and exploratory tasks exclusively, maybe they'll be repurposed, who knows. Your argument is not compelling enough to justify the restriction of play and fun.

Now! This topic has been beat to death, dozens of times and then some. It's not going to happen anytime soon and likely not at all.
And it will likely continue to be kicked around by new and old players alike for a number of reasons. One, the arguments against it tend to be weak. Two, players for some reason find the ideas of carriers to be exciting. Three, Cryptic has never said no, they've always said 'not now.' If you believe there is nothing else interesting to say on the topic, I would recommend directing your attentions elsewhere.