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I hate the new changes to PvP. I was never all that fond of ground and think the new changes are great, but it's not my thing.

What is my thing is space PvP. Why Cryptic did you have to meddle with the builds? So there were OP abilities and broken ones. Instead of just addressing these like the communities been begging you to do, you go and roll out changes that exasterbate them. My builds are now useless, despite these builds having been solid in the past. I prided myself on my ability to support, but that's been removed for me. I'm not spending another cent on respec. Is that you intention each time - forcing players to spend money to compensate each time you "fix" something that was never broken to start with. I use to be a supporter. Really, I was.

For me it's the deal breaker. PvP was the one thing I really enjoyed in the game. Please don't tell me to learn to play, or stop moaning. I know how to play. I have had enough friend requests to know I'm not all that bad.