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07-12-2011, 01:20 PM
Originally Posted by TeylasRamar View Post
I've never really posted here before on the forums, but I do read daily. Just never found I had much to say... until now.

I've been playing this game since day one (actually, before on a different account, but whatever). This game is rife with a lot of very anti-Federation things, some anti-Star Trek things, and things that just don't make sense in any way, shape or form with Star Trek canon. I personally ignore these things because I realize it's an MMO, and certain concessions will need to be made in aspects of the story to make it fun and interesting.

Yet, all of you enjoy playing this game and draw the line at the Federation having... carriers? Am I the only one who realizes how ironically, er... how do I put this nicely... dumb? That comes across as.
Well, you've got to understand. There are alot of disappointed expectations on the Klingon side of things and there isn't a single forum going Klingon player who doesn't remember Dstahl saying that development on the Klingon faction would be limited because of their low population numbers. This creates a situation where any loss of Klingon uniqueness becomes a loss of draw to that faction, which snowballs into even less development than they get right now. And the KDF needs development, it doesn't need it as badly as the RSE does, but the KDF still needs every scrap of attention it gets.

Plus the 'barn doors already open' argument is rationally a nonstarter. Yes, there's already Trek dubious parts of this game but that's no reason to give up and accept more.