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07-12-2011, 12:36 PM
Originally Posted by drkfrontiers
It was my understanding that the shield power was downgraded and the weapons based on rarity boosted - or am I wrong. Suddenly after S4 I am dying as though I am a newbie - it never happened at this rate with exactly the same build. And I didn't suddenly overnight get this bad, and everyone else this good. Before S4 to the day, players flocked to me because they knew I supported well. Now they run from me because I'm the first to die.

If a Dev would tell me "Listen, bud nothing has change its your style", then I will concede that there is still much in the way of learning, but right now somthing is wrong. Again - its my opinion of things.
Correct on both accounts.

The capacity of Covariants was slightly reduced and Regens were increased.

Each rarity level of an item gives you a 5% damage bonus (not including [Dmg] modifiers), capping out at 15% for purple weapons.

I don't think these changes were so major as to make you pop like candy though - maybe it's something else? There are quite a few other things that are broken, such as not being able to see when SNB is on yourself. Could this be it?