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# 6 Not a hundred 100% sure
07-12-2011, 01:44 PM
I recently respec-ed my (sci) build to take into account ground abilities. Perhaps shaving down some of the point allocation from 7 to 5 in certain areas could account for it. But I am truly not sure.

My BOP feels like a death trap now, and with EpTS III and SCI III I use to withstand quiet a beating before having to break off. Now even with those and TSS II and HE II I have to break it off after like 5 - 7 seconds, and then most of my shields are gone and hull down to 30 - 40%. And all I have are hull resistance consoles fitted, and one shield booster 35%.

My carrier seems even worse affected - my tanking has virtually ceased. I use to tank incredibly well and was the healer. Now thats all gone out the window - I was just pit-roasted by a science officer in an escort! And I had him in GW III with Borg Tractor and he still annihilated me. I use to obliterate Escorts.