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07-12-2011, 06:25 PM
just a few quick notes off the top...

borg engines with assimilated console, Aegis deflector and shields

power setting: max weapon to 100, lower eng and aux to 25, rest to shields
(best to get shield to 75, if you get that, increase aux)

weapons fore : torp, 2 beam bank, beam array
weapons aft : torp, 3x beam array

eng console = 2 armors, eps, shield cap
sci console = borg, hazard
tac console = phaser relay, phaser relay

cdr eng : epts, rsp ,eng team, dem
ltc eng : epts, rsp, aux to SIF
ens eng : eng team
lt tac : faw, ap delta
lt sci : sci team, haz emitters

The above should give you some tankiness definately while doing some decent damage.
Anyway, it'd be a good start to modify to what works for you.