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07-12-2011, 06:41 PM
Originally Posted by Zeuxidemus
What you are refering to is in pvp where you have multiple ships focus firing on a single ship, I have done extensive testing with this ship and what you are stating is virtually impossible not to mention trolling. Which the devs probally already fixing this problem. As I stated earlier it would not be an issue since the federation has a ship with a dedicated skill to detecting cloaked ships plus all the boffs to detect and decloak a cloaked ship. Where you have a hole in your theory is that the science cool downs are too far apart to do any *REAL* damage from a *Lone Skilled Pilot*.
I'm not sure what it is you're suggesting's impossible? The HYT in the decloaked window? It works. But that aside, you're assuming that all teams have a sci captain, and that even in PVP all battles are between all players at once. Cap & Hold and Ker'rat, and the forthcoming Transport raids just don't turn out that way. Also, with the B'rel fixed, how many of the large proportion of KDF players who fly BoPs might switch to it? I wouldn't like to assume, but I'd imagine many of them would, especially those who already got it before realising it's bugs.

The main reason firing while cloaked isnt OP is the fact that torps are rubbish on shielded targets. If you make them effective against shielded targets, it'll mean the B'rel can attack without revealing itself properly and reliably do hull damage, without even having to announce itself with science powers first. Also, it's worth taking into account that B'rel pilots that don't actually plan to decloak tend to lean towards all torp builds. So it's a lot worse than the torpedo damage from balanced weapon loadouts on a B'rel. global cool down is 3 seconds on nearly all torpedos. That's four torpedos in 12 seconds, and you can bet an HYTIII or two will find their way in there.

With two copies of HYTIII and holding off on firing the first one, you can fire off HYTIII twice in three seconds. You could have both of these buffed by Attack Pattern Alpha, a second like Beta or Omega, Fire on My Mark, Tactical Fleet, and Go Down Fighting. Two HYTIIIs buffed by all of this? Two pilots doing this could do must ships like this I think. And I'd love to think that you wouldn't find teams of people abusing this and making B'rel squadrons for PVP, but those sort of people are out there sadly. There are just too many ways a cheap player/team could exploit a torpedo that did worth while damage through shields on a B'rel. I'm not "trolling" you, I'm just trying to explain why it's not a good idea.