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07-12-2011, 09:13 PM
Regarding skill point allocation: guide in my sig

Regarding ship and weapon choices:
I wouldn't look away from beam arrays just yet. A very common tactic for cruisers is to use all beam arrays and "broadside" a target, keeping it within the overlap zones between front and rear beam arrays.

I've only seen science ships pull off the Torp Boat tactic due to their easy access to shield-stripping powers like Tachyon Beam and Charged Particle Burst. Best keep it simple and stick to single torps fore and aft, timing your shots when openings come.

3 beam, 1 torp fore, same aft. Basic load out for many cruisers.

If you want to mix it up, you could swap out a beam array in the fore for a dual beam bank for more forward oomph. Just remember cruisers don't turn on a dime, so you'll probably be relying on broadsides more often.

I have seen successful cannon cruisers (turrets and single cannon) work, but are often troubled by having so many weapons firing at once, draining weapons power to dangerously low levels. Keep this in mind. A weapon firing is a weapon draining, and a weapon draining is denying other weapons full power to deal full damage.

Lastly, since you've got free respec's to burn, take time to experiment just make sure to keep one left for your "final" setup.

Don't forget ground combat either!