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07-12-2011, 09:16 PM
Originally Posted by Sierrafortune
So I'm sure just about everyone has heard the notion that soon Cryptic is going to add crafting to other places that Memory Alpha. This will no doubt make our crafting lives easier than having to go to Memory Alpha every time we want to make something with the hundreds of resources we gather. But this doesn't mean Memory Alpha should go away, far from it. As good lot of people have already expressed on the forums sometimes Memory Alpha is the only place where you can get certain resources, and order certain things from other people. All in all it's a nice little social crafting place.

So here's my idea: We turn Memory Alpha into a pick-up, and delivery depot. Currently in STO you can't place an order for X amount of items on the Exchange (As far as I know) and your buddies aren't always going to be online to hook you up when you need. So instead we make Memory Alpha a place where a player can go, set up a request for whatever item they want, how much of it they want, and how much they'd be willing to pay for it. I would also add the flip-side, of a person putting out what they want, how much, and the price but that is the Exchange at current. So when a player decides to fill one of these orders, the gather whatever it is someone wants run over to Memory Alpha and drop it off. The person will receive a transfer of credits immediately, and the person who issued the order must also go to Memory Alpha to pick it up. While there are other ways of doing this in STO already, none of them really allow for you to do it in a very efficient manner. A system like this would ensure Memory Alpha remains a vital hub, and is also functional.

Thoughts and whatnot?
I'm in. Makes it easier for those of us who actually try to use the exchange and crafting functions too. No longer having to wade through hundreds of items trying to get the best price/skill for that darn rare console. It'll also allow most players to just use their primary and not have a merchant toon to redistribute materials

Maybe get accolades for selling x ECs worth of goods or filling X orders and get a trade alliance with the Ferengi. Actually why not just add Ferenginar into gameplay with some FE missions? ....l just sayin'