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07-12-2011, 10:26 PM
I have an idea that will make crafting easier, but you got to earn it. Check it out;

So at base crafting level, you have to go to MA and work your way up, crafting each item adds the recipe to your library of crafting.

The crafting leveling scale would be kinda like Diplomacy's leveling scale with each one having a title and Rank which is issued by StarFleet Corp of Engineers or the Klingon Equivalent.

when you craft 3 items you receive;

Rank: Standard Construction
Title: Basic Crafter

Once you reach a level maybe 50% of the crafting leveling, the transwarp to MA power unlocks, which you can craft or simply redeem.

Rank: Improved Construction
Title: Knowledgeable Crafter

once you reach 75% of crafting level, you unlock the crafting station that you can craft and install into your ship. anything you have crafted in your library can be crafted from the station you have built and installed, which btw, i would love to see in your engineering lab for FED and Engineering for KDF.

Rank: Advanced Construction
Title: Top Crafter

once you reach 100% of crafting level, you qualify and unlock reduced crafting prices at MA, it could be called Replication Material Efficiency which gives you 25% maybe 30% reduction to your material costs at MA.

Rank: Experimental Construction
Title: Master Crafter