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07-12-2011, 11:08 PM
3+ borg pieces, definitely borg regenerative shields for plasma resistance in STF.

2x EptS II (you do not need III for STF as the borg shields give you bonus to shield resistance)
1x Tactical Team I to make maximum use of shield hps and remove boarding parties

Polarize hull 1 to get out of tractors
Hazzard Emmiters 2 to heal and clear shield stripping stuff

That's all you need for great tank as engineer. Taking 2x RSP for STF is ********. Borg ain't players with super burst and spikes.

The rest as you please. I would take 1x Shield Hps console and 3x SIF console in engineering slot. 2x Halon in science and 2x phaser in tactical slots.

Engineering team 3 to take maximum advantage of SIF consoles (15k burst heal), one Aux to SIF, FAW 2 to grab agro and thats it you have your STF tank.

Its very hard to die in that ship.