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07-12-2011, 11:42 PM
Originally Posted by Godimas View Post
Glad you had fun in Otha! I admit, every so often there is a good match, but for the most part its rather disheartening. Especially in Arena missions >.< At the very least, I would like for the maps to be touched up to include some of the changes from my OP!
Hoepfully they have already begun on talks, since some of the Devs were on the receieving end of that chaos.

Felt good to run into the Devs in these matches. It relieved so much built up frustration.

Originally Posted by CaptainHorizon
Good post. I'm no good at fps, but now that one is in trek, I will want to be AT LEAST as decent as I have become in space. I will watch this thread and hopefully we can get some good feedback fom experienced fps players.

But I will want to be decent in both. Which means enough skill points for both. Which means I think we still need to urge the split on points for ground and space. Dammit I'm a federation tactical officer, I should kick tail on the ground and kick nacelles in space.

See you on the battlefield.
You should talk to one of the Fista Sisters, they give some good advice.

But from experience you probably should start off with the Operative Kit, where you could use the Stealth abiilty to gain some time to get use to things. Later you could graduate to other kits and find the one you're use to.

Consumables - get lots of them. Large Shield Charges, Large Hypos, and Power Cells (most use large for the more power to weapons, but you need them to counter weapon malfunctions).

Shields and Armor - probably want to go with the Cap 3 and the Energy Armor with HPs from crafting.

Weapons - depends on your cup of tea. Right now the shotgun is pretty much the mainstay weapon. The second probably go with the TOS Phaser Rifle or a DPS weapon like a Compression pistol (those are the best DPS weapons).