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# 1 B'rel BOP Problems
07-13-2011, 07:23 AM
How to start this topic

Well i have a few questions

1. Why is the cloak timer 20 seconds and not 10
2. why does it take so long to fire a torpedo and the recloak
3. why can a federation ship detect my presence and not de-cloak me (that one really makes no sense)

why does this ship have so low hull when it has no advantages over other ships.
so i can fire a torpedo while cloaked wow big deal ( sorry but thats not worth it cause with the long re-cloaking timer i suffer more hull damage from incoming torpedo's than I do in damage myself and federation ships ALWAYS have there shields up in pvp combat and even the pve combat they do.

so can someone tell me is this ship being looked at is it going to be improved

I do like this ship but not if its going to stay like this