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# 1 Tricorder Upgrade
07-13-2011, 08:15 AM
I tried on another forum but thought I would try here. Any chance of seeing these changes with the tricorders soon (I would like to see Devs response to this):

1. Tricorders match the race they belong too (Federation=Fed tricorders, Klingon=Klingon tricorders, etc.)
2. Scanning beams differentiating between life forms, anomolies, and areas of interest as well as distance to each.
3. Crafting abilities to allow for customizing Tricorders for specific purposes ... such as more tactical function for tactical officers, more science functions for science officers ... etc.)

Just some suggestions here as there are many others I could provide. My biggest change I would like to see would be being able to customize the function of a tricorder based on your career path. Episodes can have specific functions that need tricorder triggering ... so to speak ... in order to get past a certain puzzle. An example is the remastered Azura mission. It would have been cool to have a tactical officer have to use their tricorder and play a mini-game in order to vent plasma killing the invading Orion parties instead of just punching in at a console. This does not have to be fore already remastered episodes, but maybe for future ones. Perhaps the higher rank you get the more difficult the action can be (punching buttons vs. using a tricorder mini game instead). Just some ideas here.

Crafting could allow customization to allow the difficulty of completing the tricorder task easier, or add a special function that wouldn't be there normally. Again, just throwing out ideas. Anyone think tricorders should be upgraded? Maybe for Season 5 for Feds and Klingons?