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07-13-2011, 10:41 AM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
But there are people that know about it, and they should report it, BigRedJedi is probably just hoping that anyone that hasn't gotten around that for various reasons (laziness, believing it to be pointless, thinking someone else did so, forgetfulness) do it ASAP, ensuring that it becomes an urgent matter. (Indicating: It bothers a lot of people, and a lot of people are apparently capable of using it - whether they do or not do.)
^^This... There are a number of people that could give a very detailed description of 'what' the problem is (and, sadly, more than a few that can tell you 'how' to do it), however, Cryptic has made it abundantly clear that the extent of our 'public' reporting of any (but, especially, particularly severe) exploits should be limited to as basic a description as possible, and a reference to a detailed Bug Report.

I know that this does not give the type of details that many players (particularly, newer ones) would like to have, so they know what to look for, but Cryptic's concern (which does have some validity) is that 'outing' exploits simply leads to further abuse of them.

In other news, there seems to be another UI problem for Science Vessels and their innate subsystem targeting. If you add those powers to your tray, they seem to activate as normal (although, still affected by the slower-than-normal response that currently seems to be plaguing the UI); however, if you try to use the click-select buttons on your Weapon loadout display (when using any of the UI Tray options except 3), they rarely activate properly. (The icons are even locked out, at times.)

Also, other ship-specific abilities (Ablative, Saucer Sep, MVAM, etc.) seem to be suffering most severely from the UI 'click' issue... I find that I do not have nearly as much trouble, if I use keybinds, but trying to use the mouse feels very clunky, at the moment.

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