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Originally Posted by Zoberraz View Post
You could say I was referring to these:

When pointing out 'discrepancies', Tourangeau seemed to gripe against the presence of a secondary deflector on the front of the sensor pod. I heard many people comment on the front of the secondary hull needing to finish in a more pointed/arrowhead shape to the fore of the ship.

I personally would also like to see phaser strips on the rear origin points of the hull (as well as seeing the phaser texture be horizontal rather than vertical) - but that'd be an STO-extra detail Tourangeau could react badly to. I mean, he was highly critical of the addition of a secondary deflector on a ship that was two-three decades past the period he designed it for (I've never been as critical to the addition myself).
These images you've provided are fantastic. Next time I get a few minutes for the Luna I'll be using these as ref.

I wish I would have made all of these IP ships myself during pre-production but I didn't join the team until well after and I tell you somethin, cleaning up inaccurate models is waaaay harder than doing it right the first time... my Oberth, for example - is so much more strictly canon than any of the other IP ships I've made fix-up to, simply because I had the luxury of doing it myself from the very beginning.

I wish I could go back and do Sean's model correctly, from the beginning... in the meantime fix up will have to do.