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07-13-2011, 04:54 PM
Originally Posted by Jon_Gee
As I have already got 3000 unspent emblems , a few from PvP doesnít bother me.

Sorry just because you are in a team doesnít make you a big boy or girls. Personally I found players that team are normally lacking.

Looks like Iíll have to go back to playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 for a good PvP experience. At least there itís players skill that matters and what wins the game.
I guarantee you, people that play together often in battlefront2, are > random pugs.

Actually any game, where there are groups of people that get together to game together that side in a conflict will be > random pugs. Not only are they teaming frequently and know how each other fights, but often they will have internal group matches between each other to improve each other's skill sets.

The only game genre out there, I can think of where Teaming has no positive benefit on a whole is the Racing Genre and even that is arguable. Because even there, players that know each other will often swap setups, or give each other setup data, to replicate and improve on each other's cars.

I find the loner player is most often the most pathetic entity on a battlefield. They trumpet how elite they are, and then get it handed to them over and over again on the final scoreboard. Then they rage in pms, and then get it handed to them, over and over in a duel.