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07-13-2011, 07:09 PM
It's cheaper skill point wise to specialize in one weapon set in either beams/cannons or torpedoes. Maxing out on only one weapon type allows you to improve your overall build in other areas. I've tried most of the different weapons, but really always tend to go back to phasers for beams/cannons since they are the cheapest to max out with skill points and I honestly seem to do better damage and defeat enemies faster.

For torps I'd stick with either photons or quantums. A bit cheaper on the skill points than the other torpedo sets. Nothing else really seems to hit that hard and the effects of the chroniton and transphasic have been hardly noticable to me. The tricobalt and plasma can be nice if you can get the high yield to land with the sheilds down, but they are painfully slow and easy to be shot down.

Overall though you should play the game however you enjoy it. Honestly in PvE you can probably do whatever and still be successful with your ship/weapon build, but if you are going to do PvP you should probably stick to one weapon and torp skill set so you can maximize your build in other areas.