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07-13-2011, 10:01 PM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
I wonder if we'll see the Ensign ranks eliminated or folded in?

Honestly... Nobody counts the Ensign levels as levels as it stands. Endgame is Level 51 but it would be Level 53 if you count the Ensign ranks, wouldn't it?

I'd look at making it Ensign 1-5 (covered in the tutorial with the ability to swap to C-Store starter ships), Lt 1-5, Lt. Cmdr 1-5, Cmdr 1-5, Captain 1-20, Rear Admiral LH 1-5, Rear Admiral UH 1-5, Vice Admiral 1.

It makes the higher ranks feel more substantial and gives a feeling of progress. Granted, you'd hit Captain around the time you get your first Romulan missions.and stay that way through all the Ds9 content. I'd cap off the demo at Cmdr 5.

I also trhink you could get a pretty full Klingon demo this way by retuning and focus on filling out the Captain content since RA is mostly there and you'd have Ensign-Commander covered and the Romulan and Deferi series as a headstart on Captain play. (For Ensign-Commander, Klingons might simply level faster and then devs could focus on making Captain + content equal.)

Well, I would assume that once the Demo/Introduction to the game becomes Starfleet Academy, with "Graduation" being presumably a "Kobayashi Maru"-type simulation scenario or such, that anyone "graduating" from the Academy would in fact be an Ensign Rank? I mean, no one would graduate from Starfleet Academy with a Lieutenant rank, now would they?

Presumably then, after your first assignment as Ensign, something happens in your ship and at the end of the mission you would find yourself with "Field Commission" of Lieutenant and be assigned your own ship...

PS: I think STO will eventually go F2P, however, they're gonna need a lot more content for both Factions before going there.